Cape Physio offers a range of physiotherapy services in and around Cape Town. With our experienced physiotherapists you can feel confident and at ease. Our services include the following:-

Postural Management

If you are sitting for extended periods of time chances are you are going to suffer from some sort of postural ailment in the future. Cape Physio is well geared to educate on , assess and treat any such problems. Visit our Cape Physio practice in Cape Town if you experience neck pain and strain, facial tension or headaches, back pain or any movement discomfort.

Back Management

Given the modern work environment, back problems are prolific amongst the young and old. Cape Physio physiotherapists are experienced in treating all back management conditions from lower back pain and discomfort, mid-back muscle fatigue to shoulder , arm and neck strain.

Post-Operative Management

Cape Physio specializes in post-operative management and we understand the need to heal and function normally as fast as possible. We enforce the need for the patient to rest, exercise and strengthen gradually. We treat hip-replacements, knee replacements, pinched nerves, ligament repair, fractures, caesarien recovery.

Ergonomic Office Management

We offer in house ergonomic office management to employees and employers to assess the correctness and appropriateness of office furniture and fittings to the individual. It is very much underestimated just how much the correct desk, chair or computer setup impact on our daily lives and our future bodily health. Correct ergonomics in the work place will reduce musculoskeletal injuries and result in better allround comfort and productivity.